Red Banana Republic Dress for the 1st date
I usually get asked what it is like dating in the Big Apple and a robust laughter usually escapes my lips following the question. I don’t have any horrific dating stories to share so far. I hope I’m one of the lucky few to never have stories that make me want to become a cat lady. So far dating in the city has been an enlightening experience. I’m narrowing down my wants and needs. Learning what I can and will not tolerate in relationships.
Red Banana Republic Dress for the 1st date back view

I’ve embraced the single lifestyle and I actually enjoy it. Yes, I would love to have a significant other, but I refuse to settle for just anyone. I haven’t met anyone that makes me want to leave the single lifestyle behind and I must admit living in the city does not help much. New York is a city of convenience, excessiveness, and accessibility with most of its residents focus on their careers. I’ve learned to date without placing pressure on myself or other and to go with the flow…haha but don’t worry because I control the valves.

So whether it’s the first date or fifth, here are 5 style tips I live by while getting ready for a date.
  1.  Make sure it’s comfortable and it fits properly. I’m not just talking about your shoes But while we are on that topic, wear shoes you can walk in. You may not take a cab in between venues. As for your clothes, you don’t want to be readjusting yourself the entire night. It will make you look uncomfortable and nervous.
  2.  Confidence is key. It is one of the most attractive qualities a person can have.
  3. Natural and minimal is the best for the first date. Show him your glamorous side later on.
  4.  Wear a color or outfit you feel the most confident in. Everyone knows confidence is attractive! So wear the color you feel great in. I feel the sexiest in coral and wine to name a few.  
  5.  Your look should reflect your environment. If you guys are going to a sporting event heels and a body-con dress will stand out like a sore thumb.You want to blend into the scenery, but standout to your date.


Dress: Banana Republic, Earrings: Target, Purse: Thrifted, Heels: K-Mart

Dates can be nerve wracking, but one should just go in with an open mind, manners, and kindness. You can only control what your actions and attitude, if your date is rude or makes you feel uncomfortable you have every right to leave.Don’t force yourself to be anywhere  or with anyone you do not want to be with.

Just remember that being polite and confidence can move mountains! Happy dating!