ASOS Dress, WhoWhatWear Dress, Plus Size Fashion

If my life were a sitcom, the past two weeks would have had my viewers on an emotional climatic edge! With my rocky path of personal growth and development center stage for everyone to see. My closest friends can attest to some of the most bizarre yet comical conversations and interactions I’ve had with the opposite sex (old and new), my professional & personal dilemmas, and even the reappearance of characters viewers thought were killed or written off from the very first season!

ASOS Dress, WhoWhatWear Dress, Plus Size Fashion

There were moments where I’d sit to catch my breath and something else would happen unexpectedly like a football hitting me in the face out of nowhere. We’ve all seen that scene and have winced from the second-hand pain and the second-hand embarrassment that follows. I seriously thought to myself almost every day, “where’s the freaking film crew?”

But one night, while restlessly tossing and turning, I wondered “what am I putting out that’s inviting this chaos in?” And the simple answer was: allowance. I was allowing certain things that I shouldn’t have entertain to enter my life as if my life were a hit sitcom like ‘Insecure’. But it’s not! And I was emotionally drained.

ASOS Dress, WhoWhatWear Dress, Plus Size Fashion
Dress: ASOS, Heels: Who What Wear, Necklace: H&M
I knew I had to immediately let go of a few luxuries and a few love interests. And as a single boujee woman in the city, that was hard! But, like an executive producer and screenwriter, I decided to write out quite a few characters that weren’t beneficial to the plot and will not be making any future cameo appearances. And to symbolically match clipping loose ends, I went and got my hair clipped. I’ve also been purging my wardrobe of pieces that no longer match my journey.
My mantra became “let the past be the past” and it really helped me to live and enjoy the present. I can sincerely say that I’m becoming more grateful for the life I live instead of feeling entitled to a life I desire. These are stepping stones for my personal growth and I know much more will be added and much more are needed. But, I was reminded that stepping stones are best put under your feet and not above your shoulders.
ASOS Dress, WhoWhatWear Heels, Plus Size Fashion
Photographer: Henrietta M.
“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~ C.S. Lewis