Design Experts

I’ve been in my apartment for an entire year and always wanted to create a stunning gallery wall. But, the idea of creating a gallery wall was completely intimidating. I would daydream on my Pinterest of how my gallery could look. Well, I finally pulled up my big girl panties and decided to tackle this project head-on! I began my research and came across Glamour Magazine’s article by Lindy Segal, “6 Secrets to Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall.” Now, this article was from 2014, but it fits my philosophy of K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short and Simple) to the T!! Lindy Segal consulted Joss Main style director Donna Garlough and design expert Taniya Nayak to find out how to create a perfectly organized gallery wall. Get their tips here and stick around to see how my gallery wall turns out following their genius tips. 

Design Secrets

So I followed these steps (and added my own of course**):

Pick Your Spot: This is THE EASIEST step. I chose my entryway and the wall adjacent to my bed.

Measure How Much Wall Space You Have: Although you can do this alone, two pairs of helping hands is much better.

Use Painter’s Tape To Map Things Out: I am a visual learner and individual so I like to see my plans before starting my work.

Create a Layout using Templates: My frames came with its templates but I also used white paper that I cut into the measurements of each frame to plan where each photo would go. I was NOT about to give myself a headache nailing photo frames to the wall and then shuffling them around. Work smarter not harder. Also, since I’m in a rental I purchased Heavy Duty Command Stripes so I knew my security deposit was safe. If I decided to go with nailing things, I promise you I would have hired a professional. Lady Luck was on my side because I had a new Super visit who was more than willing to hang up my frames! If you’re wondering if I flirted…of course I did!

Pick A Style: You can choose between symmetrical, themed, or eclectic. I went with symmetrical. Although my frames are different sizes, I evenly spaced them apart and formed a rectangle.

Ordered Frames and Prints: I purchased frames from Target, Amazon, a thrift store, and the dollar store.

Bonus Secrets Of My Own

Create A Mood Board: I like having a visual to stay on plan. I knew I wanted my wall to incorporate the following: photos of loved ones and of myself, Caribbean art, travel photos, and nude art.

Painted Personalized Art: Is your gallery wall complete if you don’t have a personalized creation? My answer is no! You don’t have to be DaVinci to put your artwork on the wall. Maybe you have kids, a nicely frames drawing makes your gallery wall a little more sentimental. My gallery in my foyer has my paintings displayed. 


  • I purchased my frames from Amazon for $40. It came with 5 frames.
  • I ordered another frame from Target on sale for $15. I ordered my prints on Amazon also.
  • The ocean waves and aerial photo were purchased as downloads for $7 from Little Folk Printables on Etsy. 
  • The St. Croix Map was ordered and shipped from Carto Creative on Etsy also for $9.50. 
  • All photos and prints delivered by Amazon Print was $20

Grand Total: $98.50

You can make this project budget friendly by buying frames from a thrift store or the dollar store. Also, by using old photos you already own and be painting your own pieces. I had two frames given to me for free that I intended on using but didn’t and decided to purchase new frames which increase my costs. 

complete gallery wall

Your gallery wall can be completed in a couple of hours. I took longer because the shipment of my frames and prints were delayed. And I was feeling lazy putting up the frames once they arrived to be honest. Thank god for Omar! These industry secret will make this project easier and less intimidating. Enjoy!